Allegro Image Archive: University of Manchester

These digitised images of  photographs and slides are from collection of the late John Marco Allegro, which were generously donated to the University of Manchester Museum by his daughter, Mrs Judith Brown.  The reference for each image corresponds to its identification in The Allegro Qumran Collection: Supplement to the Dead Sea Scrolls on Microfiche – Introduction and Catalogue (ed. George J. Brooke with H.K. Bond; Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1996), and are classified in the following sections:

Catalogue A = Archaeology

Catalogue B = Biography

Catalogue C = Copper Scroll

Catalogue D = Documents

The images are provided in low resolution (0.72 dpi) and may be used for teaching, or non-commercial purposes, subject to the acknowledgement of permissions from the Allegro estate, with courtesy of Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester. For high resolution images, and all other reproduction requests, please contact The University of Manchester directly at