British Mandate Qumran

The IAA have a project of digitising archival materials from British Mandate Palestine 1919-1948 (with other additional materials) and have helpfully put images of Qumran and other sites online as an aid for researchers. There are two different files on Qumran. One of them has a note by surveyors from 1940 and 1946 with photographs from a visit, see Mandate Qumran 1946 and the other appears to be a photo album of the 1949-1955 excavations, with English notes. This will be interesting to many for understanding the site and will help with a better understanding of the excavations themselves. Thank you to Alexander Schick for this information.

Page of album with photographs from what appears to be the excavations of Qumran in 1955: at top Locus 127, and bottom Locus 125.

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